To post a notice

If you have never been a registered voter or have cancelled your voter’s registration (instructions for cancellation) and wish to have your Notice of Condition Precedent posted, here are the instructions:

  1. Email your name and mailing address to: If you wish to add your son(s) and/or daughter(s), include their name(s) and date(s) of birth. Note: you can only claim your children if they are younger than 18.
  2. Make a $25 donation to help support the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). Donation options are on this web page: Republic Broadcasting Network-Donations  This is not a project of RBN, it is an independent effort. But we think RBN is truly a worthwhile network and are most happy to encourage donations to it.
  3. The notices we post on our web site contain the following content. The items in red will be personalized with your information. See: Notice of John Doe
  4. Your personalized notice will be posted on this site for at least 30 days. As soon as it is posted, we will send you an email.

You will receive the cured notice in the mail after it has been posted for 30 days. It will look very similar to this sample, with your address facing outward and the notice itself folded inward.

When you receive your notice in the mail, make copies of it as you need them, but be sure to keep the original. Once your notice is sent out, it will be removed from public viewing.

If you have any questions, email them to:

Join us Saturday evenings at 7:00 pm CT on
Republic Broadcasting Network

In-Defense-of-Humanity - RBN

* Federal and Postal Law defend a man’s right to self-determination in ‘name’ as well as non-use of “Zip code” which is even expressed on the USPS web site as Trademarked.  Reference and study Title 39 U.S.C. Section 3003, Title 18 U.S.C. 1302, 1342.  Also Domestic Mail Services Regulations, Section 122.32 and “Postal Reorganization Act,” Section 403, Public Law 91-375, Section 403.

18 thoughts on “To post a notice

  1. I am looking to file my Notice of Condition Precedent as well. Is there an electronic method of payment that is acceptable?

    1. You did not pay a fee, which is defined as “A compensation paid for particular acts, services, or labor, generally those that are performed in the line of official duties or a particular profession.”

      There is no fee. You made a donation to RBN – thank you. However, you have never provided a street address, so the notice cannot be completed.

  2. I am new to these ideas and methods of dealing with “contract law”. What I am most interested in knowing is I understand that the NOTICE OF CONDITION PRECEDENT is the first step in getting out from underneath this mess. However, does this apply to contracts we may have already entered? Say for instance someone on parole? Does this offer any relief for someone on parole? Or is this merely a tool for all new attempts to contract with?

    1. While the Notice amends your previous signatures, it might be difficult to reverse the parole agreement you signed. However, if it was me I might just give it a try.

  3. Does this satisfy the governments requirement for PUBLIC NOTICE???
    Do you archive our Notices for future access and/or government verification???

    1. They remain on the web site after 30 days, however they are no longer visible to the public. We print out the cured notice and mail it to you. Keep the original in a safe place and only send out copies.

      Government verification is built right into the notice itself. WordPress automatically configures the date it was first posted and the date it was printed – 30 days later.

  4. If this or other notices are posted for 30 days. Is this considered being recorded or posted in the public venue? The county and State I reside in at the county recorders office will not record anything except land deeds?

    1. Just as much as any legal notices posted on the internet. Every time we click on “I accept terms” on a web page it is considered as a digital signature and a binding agreement.

  5. I have been reading into this for a year or so and naturally have been against everything this world says we must do, especially VOTE! I am a registered nurse but I am really just a s slave for this country. I wanted to know does this still stand the same…give a $25.00 donation and you will post to the public and swnd me a hard copy?? For me and my two children?

  6. Every time it was asked of you. “Does this satisfy the Government requirement for Public Notice. The answer was never given just answered in a different way. I will ask only 1 question. Does posting this notice for 30 days on your website satisfy the legal requirements of being posted in the public. Like at your clerk’s office or in a newspaper. Simple question, simple answer. Thank You very much.

    1. We won’t know until it has been tested. Many are now reporting that county clerks have been instructed to refuse certain filings. To my knowledge no one has been denied posting in the legal notice section of the newspaper. The argument that posting enforceable terms and conditions on the internet should not be difficult to defend as companies are doing it daily.

  7. Hello!

    Should I submit a notice also, separately for my children? So they each have their own notice as submitted by me, their living parent? If so, how should I alter the wording of their notices? Or would it suffice if I just make mention of them in my notice only? Should I also have their father submit a notice as well? Thank you!

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